Saturday, July 10, 2004

Michael Weiner Holocaust Denier. New Ruskin College 7-10-04

Lecture Notes: 07-10-2004
Michael Weiner Holocaust Denier.

Yesterday, speaking in response to the Lecture Notes of 07-08-04, (the Notes of the 9th having not yet been posted), Weiner sought to defend his conduct by using the deaths of Jewish children as his justification and excuse. . . .

For it can be seen that in order to establish his justification, his excuse, Michael Weiner would use the deaths of all the victims, men, women, and children, like toilet paper to wipe away the stains of his own misdeeds. How can anyone in his right mind think to justify Michael Weiner’s misconduct with the machine gunning of Blooma and Ruth, who were killed by the 101st Order Battalion in Poland? Michael Weiner’s insanity may be the excuse, in some sense, but legally, morally we hold him accountable for his words, and should temper only his punishment not our judgment.

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Friday, July 09, 2004

NewRuskinCollege Lecture Notes: 07-09-04 Lonely being a Republican

It is lonely being a Republican. Lecture Notes: 07-09-2004

In the movie About Schmidt Rush Limbaugh thought nothing of the fact that they held him up to the same ridicule to which Mr. Schmidt was subjected. Perhaps he was unaware how he was made to appear. He is that detached. In the movie he comments on an issue by first establishing his knowledge of it was reached by “watching some videos.” An expression he often uses in his actual show. Never a book. No never. No guests either. No studies, or research, no interviews, no travels, no investigations, no debates, no classes, not one lecture. His research consists of reading the copy from newspapers. So, no, probably he is unaware that the movie mocked him. . . .

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

IRS and the decline : Lecture Notes 7-8-04

Lecture Notes: 07-08-2004
The IRS and the U. S. decline into corruption.

“I’m not one of those who takes pleasure in causing another man’s suffering.”
--- Michael Weiner, KNEW, 07-08-2004

We can not keep using the word hypocrisy or it will be thought we only have the one word. I guess I should get out the thesaurus. We need to explore hypocrisy in all of its many shades, way out to the very edges of rational thought. For there is a limit to hypocrisy, and reason’s light on this subject. Out in the jet black darkness you will find the beast itself, the prime mover, the wickedness that has no other explanation than the evil itself. I have always thought it amusing that the only reason O’Reilly got away with, “who is looking out for you?” instead of Weiner, is probably that Weiner did not think he was capable of such, such . . . mendacity.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

‘I only did this much.’ Lecture Notes: 07-04-04 New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes: 07-04-04 ‘I only did this much.’

Do you suppose that our elite has just one way to destroy a man? I testify that they have many sticks in their bundle. For example, they had the IRS. (see The IRS and the illegals from the North at the Moynihan Library at But do not think that it was just this. Do you suppose it is just one thing that destroys a man? It was not just that Yvonne betrayed her client. Not just Marlene. Not just that my sister chose to let our parents go to their graves in ignorance of the truth. (That my brother kept the few dollars our father left me, is an irrelevance.) That Sedge Thompson and his guest David Steindl-Rast lied and used their position to deceive 12 years ago, by itself, is of no importance. It is the tide of wrongs that destroys. Michael Weiner is by himself a fool, a nonentity, utterly without importance. It was just one burglary. But even ants can, in combination, devour a man. Michael Krasney, Don Imus, Ron Owens, Mrs. Jack Swanson, Brian Wilson, etc., etc. each take their kick, and it is the accumulation of their kicks over decades that destroys and brings to ruin. And each says, ‘I only did this much.’

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Bad Boy, Bad Boy . . .Lecture Notes: 07-01

Lecture Notes: 07-01-04 Bad Boy, Bad boy . . .

Uh-oh Michael Weiner. Guess who just visited? The That would be the Department of Justice. Three times. Oh, yeah. And several law firms too.

Official Notice of the Ludi Magistor: invites attorneys offers of representation.

The Department of ffffing Justice, Michael Weiner. So, how many people did you tell about your burglary of the Colonial Motel? Do you remember. Let’s see . . . there was Mrs. Jack Swanson and Brian Wilson the Monday following the burglary. Senator Dodd. Don Imus. Who else did you tell? Who did they tell? Has DOJ visited the San Rafael Police yet?

Hear that? The drums. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water?

They are coming for you Michael Weiner. They are coming for you, . . . what are you going to do? Bad boy, Bad boy.

You know who else visited yesterday? Two times. Why do you think you have made so many enemies? Got any idea? Uh-oh. Michael Savage, it has taken, . . . how long? 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. The wheels of justice . . . they turn slowly . . .

What you going to do? Bad boy, Bad boy. . . What you going to do when they come for you? . . . when they come for you?