Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Kerry,O'Rilly, and Corruption too. NewRuskinCollege

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Lecture Notes: 08-25-04


"My duty, as I understand it, is to be a president and commander in chief who finds the truth and tells the truth instead of misleading the American people," Kerry said to several hundred supporters . . . "My duty is to be a president who tells the truth instead of hiding behind front groups, saying anything and doing anything to avoid the real issues that matter like jobs, health care and the war in Iraq." ---SFC 08-24-04

Mendacity. He impresses by his utter lack of honesty.

His own repeated questioning of President Bush’s service in the National Guard, his close and well documented relationship with moveon.com and other front groups, his acceptance of Senator Kennedy’s baseless charge that the President perpetrated a “fraud,” conducted as the youngest brother of the slain President said, “in Texas,” (a claim that Senator Kennedy has not repeated, though he has not retracted or apologized for his melodramatic buffoonery), his use of his wife’s fortune to finance front groups, including anarchist groups set on disrupting the peace of New York, three years on, all of this, to say nothing of his more ancient lies, (he has just admitted that his first Purple Heart was not warranted, we await his revelations about the other two), and irresponsible acts, (Paris? Two times!), all of this, is a record of lies and hypocrisy, not seen since the last Democrat presidential candidate Albert Gore, whose mendacity he now today surpasses.

And as for our nation?

News Item: Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Two airplanes crashed in separate incidents in southern and central Russia, Agence France-Presse reported, citing Russian news agencies.

Tighten your seatbelts there is turbulence ahead.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Swift Boat Vets at New Ruskin College.com

Swift Boat Vets at www.NewRuskinCollege.com

Lecture Notes: 08-22-04

“ . . . it is . . . regrettable . . .” --- Thomas Patrick Carroll, former CIA Case Officer,--- KSFO radio

It reminds me of the time the CIA asked me to help them---

Counselor: Shhh, you are on.

Ah, yes, well, perhaps we should talk about that later. . . .

“Wild eyed.” That’s what they are calling him. “Losing it.” That’s what they are saying about him. But to our visitors here at New Ruskin College, all of these developments will come as no surprise.

College visitors will already have seen how reckless Mr. J. F. F. Kerry is. They will have seen him first back out on the Imus show when we first exposed Imus’ involvement with the organized oppression, (see Imus Protests top left of this page), for the . . . what is it now? 12 years since I first published the Last Letter. (see Last Letter Archive at the Moynihan)

But Kerry then went on the Imus show anyway. And then he went on a second time even after we published the letter to the F. C. C., (see e-mail Archive Out Box at the Moynihan), which was never actually sent.

Counselor: You never sent it?

How could I without evidence?

The absurdity of the situation is that you have organizations, “News” organizations like, oh, for example, ABC News, and not just the local station, KGO, with that crew, Rosie Allen, Ted Baxter ---

Counselor: Ed.


Counselor: His name is Ed. Ed Baxter.

Oh, that’s what I said----

Counselor: No, you said Ted.

Well, it was a mistake, look I’ll change---

Counselor: It wasn’t a mistake. You do that deliberately. You know it drives him crazy and you purposely do it.

It was a mistake. Ted. I mean Ed. You know I must be getting him confused with that other unctuous, obnoxious, sycophantic, boor of a “News Caster” on the old Mary Tyler More Show, that Ted Baxter.

Counselor: And you are not?

Thank you Yvonne.

Counselor: You are welcome.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ron Owens and his ego at New Ruskin College.com

Lecture Notes: 08-11-04

No one will come forward and give evidence. Many have visited. The IRS visited six times in one week. Sodos and Bobro checked in. Imus and Weiner also. Imus even said in one show, “What can happen . . . I mean if no one says anything?” Watching and waiting. Like Michael Krasney waiting on the phone, “OK, he’s off the line I can put you through . . .” Contemptible.

What can I do? One against so many? I wrote the Last Letter in 1992. I did not set up this website until 2003, only after it became clear that Imus had gotten some contact at GAB Robins. (see Psy Ops)

For 11 years one after another, Ron Owens, Michael Weiner, Michael Krasney, and many others, (the IRS under the Clinton regime), I tried to ignore them but they just would not leave me alone.

For example, I was at my sister’s home (1992) and commented that “The mass media is a hydra headed monster.” The following Friday a fat balding reporter for the Sacramento Bee repeated the line. What have you all wanted?

Glee? A thrill? Just wanted to prove that if a large number of people work together to destroy another human being they can succeed? Was it ever in doubt?

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Burned by the USA, Lecture Notes 08-07-04 New Ruskin College

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USA burns Khan, al Qaeda computer tech.:

"If it is correct, then I would say its another debacle of the American intelligence community. Maybe other serious sources could have been detected or guys could have been captured in the future" if Khan's identity had been protected, he said.”--- Reuters, 08-07-04

“ . . . incompetence or worse.” Or worse?

I think we need to start considering what the “or worse” could be.

I also cooperated with the United States in an investigation. And I also was burned by the United States. (see IRS and the Illegals from the North.)

Or worse?

Also see:

Psy Ops Eight : 08-07-04

So now the San Rafael Police have dispensed with using their junkies as intermediaries, and have now returned to doing their own harassment. Now when ever they drive by me, they sound their siren, just a little shot. Their way of saying hello?

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