Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'll Leave You New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes: 12-28-04

The War is Over

All the fill in hate radio talk show hosts have been bloviating on how the “liberals” think Iraq is another Vietnam. But these second string loudmouths know better.

The feckless man in the oval room who made bio-weapons the central issue of the war, before the war, now makes “constitutional democracy” in all the Middle East the goal at the end of the war. He has “vision.” He has “faith.”

As was explained at the beginning of the war the invasion of Iraq could not possibly make us safe from bio-weapons. (see Don Imus Says Good Morning, 45 Minutes and the Distortions of History, Who Killed Duane Garrett Part II, and Army Navy Club at the Weber)

Now at the end of the war this inarticulate, un-thoughtful man, keeps adding to our war aims. He has made the writing of the new constitution of Iraq apart of the war. Our troops will just have to go on fighting until the new constitution is written he says.

What if the Iraqi’s take two years to write a constitution? We go on fighting for two more years? This open ended commitment, in which the goals of our war aims are outside the control of the United States, where we do not have any means of achieving those goals and bringing the war to a conclusion by our own actions alone: This; is what is called Vi-et-nam. (Note: It is typical that Mr. Powell has said that the lesson of Vietnam is that when the United States goes to war it should use “overwhelming force.” See? A bigger hammer. That is the lesson Mr. Powell drew from Vietnam. How typically American.)

This nattily dressed gentleman in the oval office has turned control of the war over to our enemies. He has conflated Iraq’s success in writing a constitution, in holding elections, developing a housing program, establishing a system of national parks, God knows what else, (he has told us God speaks to him but exactly what they have discussed on Iraq has not yet been disclosed), with the national interests of the United States. He is mistaken.

He could have himself written a constitution before the war. Before the war it was important to us to have someone to whom we could hand off the government of Iraq. Someone should explain to the gentleman in the oval room that this is why the constitution was important before the war. To help with this transition. Got it?

And the Pentagon tried to explain this to the gentleman in the oval room, before the war. Both Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Wolfowitz, tried to explain the importance of establishing a government so we could have someone in place after the war to whom governance of the country could be entrusted. (And this is why the recent criticism of Mr. Rumsfeld is so misplaced.) But there was conflict in the cabinet and the Chief Executive did not know what to do. And so the feckless Commander in Chief, sitting in his oval room “negotiated” and “negotiated” each time putting off the difficult task of making a decision.
All the “hard work” was put off, and put off, until the end. Well the end has now come. And now the United States is not in a position to exercise control over the constitution of Iraq. So therefore, now the people of Iraq will have to write their own constitution. This project is not part of the Second Gulf War. This project will be part of the history of the new Iraq. Good luck to them.

The United States does have a national interest in promoting democracy in the Middle East. But, and this is not a subtle minor point, this broader regional interest, is not, part of our war aims. The war is over. (In any case war is not a very effective method of building democracy.)

“Fighting the insurgency” is not part of the Second Gulf War. Repeat: The war is over.

We can continue to help Iraq. I would recommend we set up military reservations in the desert, on the Syrian and Iranian borders for example. From these military reservations we can help the people of Iraq as their needs require it.

We wish them the best of luck and God’s blessing on their new enterprise of self government. We wish them well, and we can give them encouragement, and even technical assistance, in fighting the “insurgency.” But this battle is not part of our war aims.

As for the rest of the Middle East we will continue to work with Iraq’s neighbors as they bravely march down the road to greater and greater democracy. The liberation of Iraq has been a huge contribution to this effort.

But as for “fighting the insurgency” or writing a constitution, or any of the other problems the struggling young democracy of Iraq faces, we are available to assist, but to repeat: The war is over.

George . . . George . . . if you do not listen to me, . . . George, I’ll, . . . I’ll leave you.

How else to get him to listen? Stubborn? How about egotist?

Saturday, December 25, 2004

MacArthur New Ruskin College

K5is t89s;K2op 56lj:Lst8 23ld 94nd

Date: December 24, 2004

TO: General Douglas MacArthur
Supreme Commander, Central Asia

From: Plinio Designori
Army Navy Club
New Ruskin College,Castalia


Commander in Chief fails to learn lesson Vi-et-nam

Classification:TopSecret UltraEagle

Message Code: 4 character randomized selection
Message Received code department ComCA: 14:15 Dec24 04
Message Decoded and routed to Com: 18:27 Dec 24 04

Decoded text follows: :: “::

1. Situation Washington deteriorating. Commander in Chief fails to learn lesson Vi-et-nam. He has removed control of war effort US from US and given it to our enemies. Now only enemies US can decide when war is over. US now out of loop.

For example, ComCh Bush now says constitution Iraq, must be completed by newly elected government Iraq. No estimated time for completion this project. Prior attempt to write constitution Iraq failed and ended in collapse of prior government Iraq (Governing Council). History Iraq regarding constitutions, law, not good.

No constitution was prepared by Allied Powers prior to entry into country. No explanation from ComChBush why if constitution Iraq so important that war not concluded until completion this project Allied Powers did not prepare for this central issue. Now constitution Iraq out of our control. Stop

2. ComCh Bush now sets “democratically elected constitutional democracy” as victory and rally point for US and Allies. No time limit specified. At least two (2) elections away this point. Two (2) years. (Could be longer. Democracy implies condition not occurrence.) Do we have to wait for peaceful transition too? ComCh Bush does not yet set limit. See open ended commitment with no terminus in control of US and no strategic objective to be taken to bring war end. (Vi-et-nam)

And again see here lesson Vi-et-nam lost on ComChBush. US has lost control theater operations. End point now completely in hands of others. US can only wait and watch and die.

This policy gives enemies US control theater operations. Stop

3. “More troops” heard as solution from all quarters Washington, (Republicans and Democrats alike.(Recall half of troops killed Vietnam under Democrats half killed under Republicans)). And again see how escalation of troops not determined by US requirements to take strategic objectives to bring war’s end. Troops requisitions determined by others in divided command, as Washington once again “administers war” without controlling agenda and keeping objectives, war aims, within its own control to bring end to war by its own actions. (Vietnam) Stop

4. When Paul Bremer, Former Ambassador, (to Norway,(I kid you not), hired by ComChBush March 2003 as troops departing first wave), was asked about the planning in preparation of war: He said he did not know what planning had been done by ComChBush as he, Paul Bremer, had only been hired as tanks departed first wave. Translation diplomat speak, “This Administration had done exactly nothing in preparation new government Iraq.” (Given medal to hush up.) Stop

5. ComChBush accepts “community policing” as standard for US operations in theater. Hired New York City Police Chief early in war effort under old government to train Iraqi police “community policing.” (In a war zone!!??) Then announced same man to be Homeland Chief before discoveries force withdrawal nomination. Chief to serve 6 months Iraq left after 3 months.

50,000 criminals released upon Allied entry. No record of rearrests. No collection of any suspects. One General US says, “We are Americans we do not just round up people,” Not even surrender old Iraqi Army accepted. Not even deserter’s surrenders before war accepted. No explanation except possibly trying to save the cost of feeding and guarding prisoners.

Army US and CIA allow prison guards to photo public humiliation of prisoners then circulate photos widely around world.

Even though 10,000 troops US plus Iraqi support units encircled 3,000 terrorists at Fallujah, prisoners, wounded, left in Mosque for 24 hours, shot on TV. Colonel US claims too hard pressed to evacuate same. Note Iraqi troops not used even as stretcher bearers with US.

After being in country one and a half years (1 1/2 years) US Army unable to find Iraqi soldiers even to act as stretcher bearers to collect enemy wounded. When I think of your work with the Filipino and Koreans, where you are still admired and loved, and I see this. . .

But most fundamental problem prisoners Iraq is that ComChBush accepts standard of degenerate liberal society that says we do not have “right” to arrest suspects as necessity of war to protect troops and new government Iraq. Complete sell out and betrayal. Stop

6. Former CIA Case Officer, Robert Baer, in country under former regime of impeached President Clinton, who gave Presidential Pardon to Marc Rich financier who made millions selling strategic commodities to enemies US then, after Presidential Pardon Marc Rich, helped murderous old regime Iraq bribe UN and Russia and France and others using “Oil for Food Program”. (You are lucky to have died before Clinton.)

This impeached President ordered Robert Baer out of Iraq and when he returned US Clinton ordered criminal investigation Robert Baer. (Charges? Murderous Dictator Saddam Hussein planted story against Baer! (Again, I kid you not.) Cover story? Attempted assassination murderous dictator Saddam Hussein implicated in first WTC attack and attempted assassination ComChBush 41 and 300,000 Iraqi and support terrorists in Somalia, “Black Hawk Down”, and Israel and Sudan.)

But urgent note: Mr. Baer not hired ComChBush to go back to Iraq in preparation war or since! We elect new ComCh but same ineptitude continues. Only effective fighting unit Iraq is Kurds where Mr. Baer served last mission Iraq. Stop

7. Now ComChBush holds press conference says he is disappointed by police Iraq for not laying down their lives. Police Iraq do not know who will win struggle for power.

Struggle for power unresolved as no
Allied preparations for war, no government Iraq established, no chain of command from Iraqi leadership to police. Even in Kurd areas, where Mr. Baer served, failure to connect command structure to front line police and troops.

But instead of blaming himself failure to establish what Mr. Baer calls “rule of law” = a government, ComChBush blames the police! Can this be happening?

All we can do now is bear witness. Faithfully record for survivors, if there are any. But then, Vietnam was well documented and see how hard to learn lessons.

First no preparation. Then a government is set up then it is declared illegitimate. Then the next government Iraq is set up but it has no credibility as it is soon to be replaced by persons unknown. To do what?

To write a constitution.

When will the command structure be set up so the police know who they are answerable too, or rather to know who will protect them when the new new new government is finally installed? No date set. Stop

8. But this is not just about ComCh Bush’s failure to learn the lessons of Vietnam.

There is a pattern to ComCh Bush’s actions.

It is not just that he calls his own Iraqi Government illegitimate. He accepts the leftist idea that only an elected government is legitimate. Even if the Allies’ government is a model of openness and fairness and puts the country on the road to elections Bush still thinks it would be illegitimate.


Why didn’t he allow prison camps even for prisoners of war? He has not even rearrested the 50,000 criminals. Why?

He said on Monday that he will not enforce US immigration laws. He will uphold anti terror laws and anti drug laws and will stop them from crossing the nation’s borders but he will not stop people who are entering to find “work.”

I believe most terrorists will now say they are entering to find ‘work’ instead of saying they have come to kill the infidel.

Indeed the last time ComCh Bush started his campaign for illegals to enter the US there was a 30% increase.

Mr. Bush supports racial quotas in employment.

He abandoned school vouchers.

He is pumping the national debt.

He could have advocated an increased (forced) savings plan for workers but instead leaves open the possibility that Social Security will be cut off to elderly poor.

Does all this sound like someone who is planning on a future?

Given all of this does anyone suppose that he is preparing the nation to defend itself against biowar? He did not prepare for Iraq, he is not upholding the immigration law, but you think he will do something about biowar? Now who is engaged in magical thinking? Who is the suicide? Stop

9, Cut off. I am encircled. My reserves are all gone. Am organizing suicide squads to cover the final retreat. I will be joining you soon. God Bless.Stop

::" :: end of text


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Bush's Epaulettes New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes: 12-19-04 Epaulettes

When I drive my car I remind myself that the other drivers, unlike me, are going home to their families, where they are loved. This is how I explain it. The world, life, would not make sense to me otherwise. There must be something that I am missing, that explains what I see: love.

How else to explain it?

This must be how you can go on. What appears to me as horrible cruelty, to you appears as only one small part of life. My devastation is for you, who love and are loved, a minor detail hardly worth notice.

And not just in the small things.

For example, it is now clear that our country went to war in Iraq without any plan for governance. For me this is shocking, scarcely believable. A tragedy is unfolding before me. But for you who go home to wives and children, to loving homes, this is . . . what?

You see I do not know. It is only a hypothesis of mine. I conjecture that you deal with these facts differently, but just how it is for you I can not even guess.

It was reported that the terrorists fled Fallujah and moved to Mosal. Yet there is no way to track them. When they left Fallujah there was no record made, nor was there when they arrived in Mosal. Then there was a report that perhaps three million Iranians have moved into southern Iraq. No one knows. And again, there was no census taken when we arrived, nor now, two years later.

People have been receiving aid, applying for work, exchanging old bank notes for new ones, registering births, marriages, deaths, yet in two years no system has been set up to record who lives in this place that has already claimed so many lives.

And as these reports come in there is a growing sense of alarm. Our men are there in a sea of people, nameless, faceless, strangers. They are traveling around in and among them, surrounded. There is no organization, no system has been put in place; month by month, year by year, lives are lost but there is no direction.

Recently it was announced that in Fallujah iris scans and fingerprints would be taken of the residents when they return. Return! Two years later we are now just starting to find out and make a record of who lives there? My god!

And then I think . . . well it is different for them. If you have a wife and family, a good paying job, a warm loving home to go home to, then, . . . things must be different for you.

There was a mutiny in a supply column. The newspapers reported that a “convoy” of 17 trucks was refused by our soldiers. You see . . . 17 trucks is not a convoy. 170 trucks, with several helicopters overhead, with armored cars, on a “military highway,” shut down to civilian traffic, at night, without lights, that is a convoy.

17 supply trucks is barely a supply column.

So what is going on? The colonels are rated by their unit’s “readiness.” And so they pump up the number of patrols their units have made. So many hundreds of patrols a week, so many thousand a month. It looks good on their service record, for their “service review.”

There is this line on their “service review” : Readiness. There is space there for a number. The bigger the number the better the review. (But you see Mr. MacNamara, this is the problem. What if the numbers you are capturing on your matrix are not reflective of a successful operation. What if your abstraction fails to capture those qualities that are needed? Then instead of directing the organization to victory, you simply misdirect it, confound it, turn it around in circles, Vi-et-nam.)

So 17 trucks were going to bump there way from one place to another. A patrol. A service mission. Keep them numbers coming.

Now as for strategy. Well we leave that for the nattily dressed gentleman in the oval office. (Did you notice that he has recently taken to sewing epaulettes on his golf jackets?) He took a three week old victory and turned it into two years of desultory negotiations. He has abandoned those who originally joined the governing council so he could negotiate a new government with some diplomat from the UN. The same corrupt UN that took the blood money from Hussein. The same corrupt UN that hired Hussein’s own security men who promptly helped blow up the UN’s headquarters in Baghdad and then cut an ran and to this day has refused to come back. Some negotiations. But the nattily dressed gentleman likes negotiations, it makes him feel apart of things.

You see there isn’t an Army badge with a wireless server in the center and with lightening bolts on either side and with an eagle on top. There is no Army unit that develops data bases of the civilian populations. You can not enter a name or a face and get a three dimensional map of where the person lives in Mosal, or a chart showing the family and clan relationships. Nor is there an Army badge for operating prisons to rehabilitate illiterate young men raised on hate. Nor is there an Army badge for mass communication and public relations.

And in any case none of these things are on the colonel’s service review.

So nothing gets done. There is no plan. No strategy. We load them on to the trucks and humvees. And off they go out into a see of Iraqis, whose names and faces and homes and clans and tribes are unknown. And the newspaper reporters call it a “convoy.”

There is no network of military highways that are closed to civilian traffic from 1800 to 0600. There are no military reservations. There are no double fenced borders with vehicle stop trenches and robotic sensors. No one thought to conduct a census. No photos have been taken of the young men of Iraq and scanned into the database. The troops do not have hard drives with those young men’s photos so that they will know everyone in their area. (Arrest anyone not on the hard drive.) There is no system of prison camps. No programs of indoctrination and education. No films about the mass murders under Saddam Hussein. No training work programs, for example, digging those double trenches along the borders.

So the terrorist are free to wander around in the “sea” of the people.

And our young people are bumping around down some dusty road.

And the colonels are piling up huge numbers.

And the nattily dressed gentleman is sitting in his oval room checking his shirt sleeves.

And I am looking at all of you. And I suppose that it must be love. That is the only way I can make sense out of it.

You look like heartless zombies, but maybe it is love . . . that I am missing.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Where is # 95678? New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes: 12-07-2004

The whole world wants to know where is Station H’s message sheet number 95678?

The whole world wants to know where is Station H’s message sheet number 95678?

The NSA has released message sheets 95677 and 95679. Why hasn’t the NSA released 95678? By the dates of the other messages we know that Station H’s message sheet number 95678 was taken from its pad on 12-01-1941.

Even though the NSA has not released the American message sheet, the Japanese Imperial Navy’s archives are not classified. Therefore we have been able to see what messages the Japanese Navy sent on 12-01-41.

The message was in the Japanese Navy’s most secret naval code. That is what Station H did. It decoded messages on numbered message sheets. Would you like to see the text of the message sent on 12-01-41 from Japanese headquarters in Tokyo to the Imperial Navy?


You want to see that coded message? Oh, ok, I wasn’t sure anyone was still interested:

TI YO WI 00, KE NO 8;DE: Ko Me Ha (Admeral Nagano)

1 December 1941

From: The Chief of Naval General Staff

To: CinC Combined Fleet

CinC China Area Fleet

1. It has been decided to enter into a state of war between the Imperial Government on one side and the United States, Great Britain and the Netherlands on the other during the first part of December.

2. The CinC Combined Fleet will destroy the enemy forces and air strength in the eastern seas at the same time will meet any attack by the enemy fleet and destroy it.

3. The CinC Combined Fleet will, in cooperation with the Commander of the Southern Army, speedily capture and hold important American and British Bases in Eastern Asia and then Dutch Bases. Important strategic points will then be occupied and held.

4. CenC Combined Fleet will in case of necessity cooperate with the operations of China Area Fleet.

5. The time for activating the movements of forces in accordance with preceding articles will be given in a later order.

6. Execution of details will be as directed by Chief of the Naval General Staff.

Later came the message “Climb Mount Niitaka

Full text at

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Our Vesuvius at New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes: 12-01-04

In November, after our Lecture Notes about the abuse of state power in Boston, New York, and San Francisco, to drive up housing prices beyond the reach of the middle class, Ralph Nader in a campaign speech mentioned these cities also.

We had pointed out that the Democrat had moved from being Liberals and had now morphed into: Post Liberals. They still use the rhetoric of Liberalism, they speak of fairness, justice, but really this is just a hold over of old fashion form. The Post Liberals now use government the way Marin Senator Feinstein used government when she was still climbing in San Francisco. She downed zoned San Francisco five times, even as she accumulated the multistory buildings that she proposed to ban.

She used government to drive out her fellow capitalists --- least competition moderate her profits.

Mr. Nader pointed out in his speech, that these cities have all been in the hands of Democrats “for a hundred years.” A hundred years and still these problems persist? Gosh, why do you suppose that is?

For example, replacing the Bay Bridge with the conventional bridge that had originally been proposed would save $500 million it has been estimated. Given the expected cost over runs probably the savings is in the billions. Yet the outcome is in doubt. (I mean, $500 million, what is that among friends . . . of the Post Liberal elite?)

But of course Mr. Nader only ran for office because of his egotism. How could a person of conscience not support the Democrats?

The Democrats have had control for a hundred years. They have driven the poor, and the middle class out of San Francisco, driven them to the Central Valley. They must now commute a hundred miles a day. Then the Democrats complain about the pollution and want to tax the people for driving.

Are you starting to get the picture?

But do not think this is partisan. The Republican have nothing to say about housing. Government regulation has driven up the cost of housing. Government regulation of education and medicine, again, like housing, has ruined the market and driven the prices out of the reach of the people. So we have the “housing crisis.” The “medical care crisis.” The “education crisis.”

But the Republican Party of California has had nothing to say about any of this. Why?

A fixed game.

It is not just the Democrats who are Post Liberal. Michael Weiner claimed to be a “compassionate conservative” even as he organized the burglary of the Colonial Motel. Mrs. Jack Swanson was active in the Republican Party even as she obtained copies of my letters from her friends at CENCAL. What do these Republicans have in common with the Democrats at KQED who persuaded the Counselor Yvonne [deletion] to betray her client?

Post Liberalism.

Some College Visitors have asked how is it that if all these people are working together as I claim that we have not already been enslaved. How is it that we still have any freedom at all.

Dear friends. These wealthy people have been working their schemes from the beginning of time. But they are so selfish, so preoccupied with themselves that they never can establish themselves in power. They betray each other just as they have betrayed the people. For all of history it has been the same.

They are perfect monsters, devouring themselves too. Their own rapaciousness makes their rule unstable. Inevitably Vesuvius erupts and they are destroyed.
Our Vesuvius is called: bio-warfare.

Rule One at New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes: 12-01-04

There are about 25 million Iraqis.

Half of them are under 18.

Of the 12.5 million adults half of them are women.

Of the 6.25 million male adults of fighting age half are Shea.

Of the 3.125 million Sunni half are Kurds.

Of the 1.6 million Sunni Arab males of fighting age how many are actively supporting the violence?

What are their names? Where do they live? Do they have jobs? Where are they normally found between the hours of 1800 and 0600?

When young men of fighting age left Falujha in the weeks before the fighting how many left with their families? How many left by them selves? Of them how many had residence in towns other than Falujha?

We could have incarcerated all of them.

How many of our young soldiers would be alive to day if we had?

Where are the records? Who is responsible for the data base? ‘Not us,’ say the bureaucrats in the Pentagon. This is the problem with Iraq policy. No one is responsible for Iraq.

The nattily dressed gentleman in the oval office is not responsible. No Iraqi government was established to organize the country in 2002. The one that was set up, (Bremer was hired in March 2003), was folded up. The next one is only serving until “the elections.” And we question why the Iraqi police are not willing to lay down their lives? For who? For what?

What happens when the guerrillas learn rule one? (Rule one: do not attempt to hold territory contested by the United States Marine Corps.) We kill all the stupid ones: then what?

The bureaucrats in the Pentagon say, ‘That’s not our problem. We fight. If they don’t fight us what can we do.’ We allow the bureaucrats to define their own jobs.

If you want to know the names of 1.6 million individuals they can not help. The ones that are employed, 30%, are not as much of a risk; the retarded, 20%, are less of a risk; the top 20%, could be dangerous, but they are probably at school or at least among the employed. So now where are we? .8 million?

What are the names of the 50,000 prisoners that the old regime had arrested? Some were political prisoners but many were criminals. Why haven’t we even arrested them?

Then there is the desert reclamation project. Couldn’t we use 800,000 digging flood control trenches in the desert, at least until we set up the new government?

Couldn’t we have done something? To save the lives of our young people.

I have been getting these panic attacks. Then I remind myself that my nightmare will soon be over.

But yours . . . you will go on being ----

Counselor: Remember, we have talked about this, anger management skills? Breathe . . .

But we live in a democracy right? The other party will do its duty? Kerry was for, no against, no for, wait, wrong war, no he . . . ah . . .

Well we have a Senate. We can count on the Senators to do their due diligence right? Yeah, . . . right. You butt-----

Counselor: Remember, breathe, . . . that’s it . . .