Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Requiem, New Ruskin College


Last months have become the last days. Soon the last hours, then minutes, then eternity.

I have lost interest in politics, society, humanity. It all seems to dissolve into only more examples of dishonesty.

For example I have been looking at the discussion about Social Security from the outside as it were, with one foot in the grave.

You selfish dumb bastards.

Counselor: Now, we have talked about this before . . . anger management skills . . .

Don’t you have like a premium service that is more supportive.

Counselor: I can charge you more but it will not determine my responses.

As we saw earlier with the so called “progressive income tax” (see Lecture Notes 09-25-&-30-04) both Republicans and Democrats, again, conspire to tell a lie to the people each for their own reasons.

Our Social Security proves the truth of Ludwig von Mises’ dictum, “there is no such thing as capital there are only capital goods.” The Federal I. O. U.s are worthless not just because the promises of the United States are illusory, ((they are); for example the U. S. IRS promised me anonymity in the criminal investigation of Crawford and Co. ( see The IRS and the Illegals from the North,))) but, rather because the money was not carried forward in a capital good, an enterprise valued by the consumers, (the only source of value), thereby conferring value on into the future.

But the Democrats and the Republicans insist on the falsity that people have “contributed” “retirement savings” and even “investments” into “trust accounts” ---- all of it, every last word, lies.

The money was not invested it was spent. Some spent on current retirees, some simply spent on what ever the Senate and House chose. Let us be generous and say that not all of these expenditures were for the good of the people or their future: squandered.

As just one example consider the money spent on rich retirees. They claim, supported by the sycophantic Democrats and Republicans that they are only collecting their due “contributions.” Liars!

These people, the top 20% with retirement incomes above the national median, (without including the payment of their “Social Security contributions”), lived tax free the whole of their working lives, passing on their taxes to the consumers in price rises, in fact had their withholding tax capped, received benefit after benefit from the government, in grants, in loans, and guarantees, and Federal monopolies, and subsidies, all the benefits that the U. S. could confer, including for example the security the U. S. Navy created, and the open markets, globalization, that the Navy made possible, supplying them all their lives with cheap goods, at the cost of lower wages for their fellow citizens who paid the taxes, both directly to the U. S. and indirectly, (in the higher prices that the top 20% passed on in their price increases), and now ----- after all of that, these selfish dumb bastards take from the wages, wages of now three schlubs for every retiree, these payments that were not “saved,” nor “invested,” not kept in “trust accounts,” funds which in point of fact were spent on projects that the top 20% had a disproportionate influence over in their Congress, (which they own), funds spent on, for example, “wine institutes,” on the repair of storm damaged ocean front mansions, (located on coasts from which the working schlubs are banned), funds squandered in every conceivable way to aid and benefit the top 20%, but not one penny was spent on for example laser disks with self paced educational programs for those schlubs whose paychecks are being shorted so that these selfish, corrupt people, people like Don Imus, and Michael Weiner, and Mrs. Jack Swanson, can bank their maxed out Social Security checks, ------- this then is the great lie about which the Democrat and Republican conspire to confound the public, (those three working schlubs), whose money is stolen so the rich retirees can steel one last time before going to the grave, oh, no, not the last time, no there will be Medicare, socialized medicine, for them as they puke away in old age.