Friday, February 22, 2013

Mr. President at New Ruskin College

02-22-13  Lecture Notes


“We'll reduce taxpayer subsidies to prescription drug companies and ask more from the wealthiest seniors. . . And I am open to additional reforms from both parties, so long as they don't violate the guarantee of a secure retirement. Our government shouldn't make promises we cannot keep – but we must keep the promises we've already made.”  State of the Union 2013

“As every good school master knows:  repetition,  repetition, repetition.”

                                    Doctor Professor Senator  Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Dear Mr. President;

If the top 20%  of  Social Security recipients cannot secure their retirement on their own, without Social Security payments, then who can?

The top 20% control 50% of the financial assets of the country.  Like all Social Security recipients they too started earning their incomes forty years ago, or fifty, even sixty years ago. 

Mr. President what do we know about income distribution in our society that long ago?  Who do you think earned more:  women or males?  Do you need to look that up?  How about White or Black incomes, were they comparable?  Do you need to check out these facts?  Perhaps a statistician from the Department of Labor needs to be consulted?

The payout schedule of Social Security is based on these income histories of the recipients.  If women and Blacks were discriminated against in their jobs, income, then this racism or sexism will be reflected in the payout schedule of Social Security.  Didn’t the top 20% benefit from favorable treatment?  And didn’t the bottom earners earn less?

Sir, I put it to you directly:  if the payout schedule of the Social Security system is not institutional racism what is?

Do you propose that we ignore this institutional racism?  Do you not recognize an affirmative duty to take action to correct this institutionalized racism and sexism? 

For 40 years the Democrats have discriminated against young White males using quotas in employment and admissions to academic institutions.  (The old White males who already had secured their employment or education were unsympathetic and like Evan Thomas dismissed the young White Males as “angry White men.” Women continue to receive preferential treatment, (math scores), even though they now out number men on many campuses.)  

Your Administration (35 years after Bakke), has continued to impose rigid quotas on, for example, an Ohio fire department whose test your Justice Department judged to be discriminatory because Whites passed at a higher rate than Blacks. 

Democrats rely on quotas because they do not trust The Establishment to fairly develop and administer tests and personnel office administration. Indeed the words Affirmative Action came to mean  only quotas as the sole method of creating a just society.  Special programs of out reach, preparation, and   support were not pursued because The Establishment was not trusted to fairly carry out such programs.

I recall a Doctor Professor of Kent State commenting that the faculty of Harvard thought that it was ok to use quotas to select the faculty of Kent State but of course Harvard would never consider using quotas in the selection of the Harvard faculty.       

Now look Sir, do you not know who these top 30% or 20%  of Social Security recipients are?  Do you still not recognize them?  They are, or were, The Establishment.  Remember The Establishment?  The Man.  Well the Man has retired and he is now collecting Social Security;  they live off their invested capital, (again the top 20% own 50% of all financial assets in the nation);   in addition  they collect the highest payments from Social Security because they held all the commanding positions in society in their day;  so they are now paid from taxes levied on today’s workers and their employers who face an economy that has been in steady decline for the last 40 years.

I really do not see how you abide this injustice. 

For decades your party imposed strict quotas for which one group of people, young White males, were disadvantaged, and this for the wrongs done by The Establishment and now with the passage of time you have the opportunity to take away the subsidy which is taken from young workers of today, (who are in the most difficult situation),  and yet you refuse to take any action against the very Establishment condemned for their racism and sexism. 

It was in the name of affirmative action that your party ruined the lives of the young White males  for the better of 60 years and now when you have the power to carry out a real action against the very Establishment that you did not trust to fairly administer the law in the first place you claim you are powerless because you insist that we cannot break our promise to The Establishment.  Promise?  They extracted their income from us. 

The only reason the top 20% or 30% receive Social Security is because it was felt that we had to bribe them to secure the indexing of the payouts of Social Security.

I wrote to Doctor Professor Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan about this inequity in Social Security, the institutionalized racism and sexism of the payout schedule, that gives more to the rich, (who do not need it), and less to the poor who were oppressed all their working lives and are now paid the smallest payments of the system.  I then mocked the good Senator and his party for their refusal to take affirmative action to correct the system by saying “who are we to change what greater hands have made.”

Senator Moynihan appeared on the Senate floor shortly later and said the creators of Social Security were farsighted about their creation for they recognized that periodically it would be necessary to make adjustments in the system and so they created a board to make those adjustments as needed.

Well Sir, I put it to you that the time for  one of those adjustments has arrived on your watch.  Drop the top 20% or 30% of the wealthiest recipients and  balance the budget.

 ( I should like to point out to you that balancing the budget does not take money out of the economy as you are told by some economists.  The IRS collects dimes and quarters and puts it into one window of  The Treasury Department and then the Treasury buys back its paper pushing out the accumulated wealth in the form of fresh capital.  This injection of capital back into the economy will make it possible for entrepreneurs who today cannot get capital financing to suddenly have access to capital.)

PS  And I think Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be over thrown.