Saturday, September 29, 2012

Starting Another War at New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes    09-29-12

To:  Mr. Romney

Subject:  Obama: If Romney Wants to Start Another War, "He Should Say So!”

                   ------- Real Clear Politics 9-23-12

Another war!  How many wars have you started?  Doesn’t Mr. Obama see that when he says the United States “will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” he is at least implying that we will resort to war?  Or does his admonition not apply to himself?  Is it because he really is not thinking he will resort to war? 

Mr. Obama does not have to tell the public he will go to war because he knows secretly that he is not even considering war to stop the Iranians.  He knows he is lying when he implies we will go to war.

Community organizing requires a different set of skills than does an executive leadership position.  Mayors, governors, and presidents of countries or presidents of companies, know the real meaning of leadership.  Mr. Obama does not set a red line on the Iranian question, because he cannot commit himself to a path of action.  He cannot apply his will to a complicated international problem;  or any problem.

Recall that in 2008 he was promising us he would open negotiations with the Iranians.  Starting up the negotiations merely needed the community organizer to be willing to meet with the Iranians.  How did that work out?

Community Organizers are good “facilitators” of discussions, they can use white boards to track the suggestions of the target group they are able to make everyone feel appreciated, but  putting all that into actions, . . . not so much.

PS  And I think Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be over thrown.        

Iran attacked at Kobar Towers

Lecture Notes   09-29-12
Kobar Towers List of the Dead19 CAUSES FOR WAR:
Staff Sgt. Daniel B. CafourekWatertown, South DakotaEglin AFB, Florida
Sgt. Millard D. CampbellAngelton, TexasEglin AFB, Florida
Senior Airman Earl F. Carrette Jr.Sellersburg, IndianaEglin AFB, Florida
Tech Sgt. Patrick P. FennigGreendale, WisconsinEglin AFB, Florida
Master Sgt. Kendall K.J. KitsonYukon, OklahomaEglin AFB, Florida
Airmen 1st Class Brian W. McVeighDebary, FloridaEglin AFB, Florida
Airman 1st Class Brent E. MarthalerCambridge, MinnesotaEglin AFB, Florida
Airman 1st Class Peter J. MorgeraStratham, New HampshireEglin AFB, Florida
Tech. Sgt. Thanh V. NguyenPanama City, FloridaEglin AFB, Florida
Airmen 1st Class Joseph E. RimkusEdwardsville, IllinoisEglin AFB, Florida
Senior Airman Jeremy A. TaylorRosehill, KansasEglin AFB, Florida
Airmen 1st Class Joshua E. WoodyCorning, CaliforniaEglin AFB, Florida
Capt. Christopher J. AdamsMassapequa Park, New YorkPatrick AFB, Florida
Capt. Leland T. HaunClovis, CaliforniaPatrick AFB, Florida
Master Sgt. Michael G. HeiserPalm Coast, FloridaPatrick AFB, Florida
Staff Sgt. Kevin J. JohnsonShreveport, LouisianaPatrick AFB, Florida
Airman 1st Class Justin R. WoodModesto, CaliforniaPatrick AFB, Florida
Staff Sgt. Ronald L. KingBattlecreek, MichiganOffutt AFB, Nebraska
Airmen 1st Class Christopher LesterPineville, West VirginiaWright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
Source: The Pentagon

PS And I think Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be overthrown.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Condoleezza Rice at New Ruskin College

Lecture Notes 9-24-12

To:  Condoleezza Rice

Subject:  Strongmen


Condoleezza Rice:  We didn’t make the mistake of installing a strongman in Iraq.  We didn’t make that mistake.

Don Imus:  Who said that?  Who said we should install a strongman?  What is she talking about?

Note:  The Prince of Jordan recommended that the US install a strongman.

Note:  I also was thinking of General Douglas MacArthur the American Shogun of Japan when I recommended to President George W. Bush a “strongman.”  General Douglas MacArthur was an American strongman, who also wrote the Japanese Constitution, which is still in use.  If you are not going to do any preliminary steps before going into the country then you need someone to take charge, take command.  Instead we had a series of boards selected at random.  By my count we went through three separate “governing boards.”  This did not instill confidence into the ranks of the New Iraqi Army.  Next time Condoleezza contact me directly we don’t need Imus In The Morning.

 PS  And I think Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be over thrown.           

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The New Middle Class: the 1%

Lecture Notes  9-23-12

To:  Mr. Romney

Subject: In the Defense of the One Percent.


A new class is forming world wide.  I call it the New Middle Class. 

The British first used the term, middle class, to describe the class which occupied the place below the Landed Aristocracy yet still above the working classes both white collar and blue collar.  In America when we discuss the middle class we mean the most numerous class.  There is not the same awareness of classes as the British identify. 

Americans include just about everyone who is working, from plumbers to lawyers, in the middle class.  It is virtually a mathematically determined category.   

It is this British concept of middle class that I am thinking of when I defend the One Percent.  This One Percent is above the upper class (and middle class) but below the so called New Class of government leaders, and the menagerie of toadies and hanger-ons, including the lobbyists, journalists, and power brokers. 

My defense of the One Percent can be stated in just one sentence.  Would you rather have Mr. Obama in charge of Bill Gates’ estate?  Do you want all the power to be located in the hands of the New Class who already control the vast apparatus of the modern state?   

By inserting into our society the One Percent we create a new power center to counter balance the power of the state.  These One Percenters, most of whom are very savvy  characters, can compete with the state in carrying out new programs and projects that are beneficial to our society. 

Take for example Bill Gates’ investments in research for a cure of Malaria. The state could have lead the way on Malaria but the New Class wasn’t interested.  These One Percenters as I have said are very savvy and form not only an alternative center for action in the world but an alternative perspective to see what is needed in both private and government affairs.

It has been argued that this New Middle Class uses its wealth to manipulate the state for their own and sole benefit.   It is true some have used the state to manipulate the market.  Mr. Slim in Mexico for example.  This would argue for the Republican Party’s stance that the state should stand at arms length and let the market determine winners and losers not for the Democrats stance that the New Middle Class should be taxed out of existence.

For reasons explained elsewhere, without wage and price controls, the New Middle Class will respond to higher taxes by transferring the higher taxes via the price mechanism on to their customers.  Remember the One Percenters  are rich because they offer goods or services that are in high demand.  This demand allows the One Percenters  to transfer their costs, including taxes, on to their consumers.  Unless wage and price controls are applied there is no limit to what the One Percenters can charge. 

When we say someone is rich what we mean is that their goods and services are in high demand.  Most of us have a more limited ability to pass on our costs including taxes,  because the goods and services we offer are in less demand, meaning that we must absorb some costs including taxes. 

The poor are poor because the goods and services they offer are in low demand.  The poor have a low ability to transfer their costs including taxes.

The  One Percenters’ goods and services are in high demand perhaps in part because they reduce the number of people in the middle or the poor classes that are needed by their customers.  Mr. Ellison for example may supply Oracle products and services that reduce the number of accountants (middle class) and file clerks (poor class) needed by his customers.

And this may cause you to think we should tax the One Percenters.  But without wage and price controls the high demand for their goods and services will allow the One Percenters to pass on their taxes to the other classes who have lower demand for their goods and services.  The One Percent pay 40% of the national income tax.  Where do you think the One Percent gets the money to pay these taxes?  From the other classes via the price mechanism.    

This is the real reason why taxes should be kept as low as possible, because taxes settle into society on those with the lowest ability to pass on costs to customers:  the poor.

 The New Middle Class may be involved in the process of creative destruction, which negatively affects the other classes but this is inevitable and certainly taxing them will not change a thing.  Or do you think technological progress should be outlawed?

Republicans have long argued that corporate taxes are passed on by the companies to their customers through the price mechanism.  This is certainly true for successful companies, those whose goods and services are in high demand.  But if this is true for companies why should we be surprised that the New Middle Class can also pass on its taxes and other cost?

 PS  And I think Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be over thrown.       

Monday, September 17, 2012

The least of them the bottom 47%

To:  Mr. Romney

Subject: The First Policy is the Economy, but it is not the only Policy. 

I am a Republican because I recognize that the first policy of government  must be to get the economy right.  If you do not get the economy right none of the other policies matter.

 However the difference between the two political parties with respect to the economy has narrowed in recent years.  And not just in America but in Britain as well.  The so called New Labor Party represents an open acknowledgement that the Socialist Dreams have been replaced by economic realism.

Since Billy Clinton lead the Democrats back  to the center on the economy, the debate between the two Parties turns less on economics and more on the other issues which divide us.

For example welfare had been for at least three generations thought by Democrats as an alternative substitute  to gainful  participation in the economy.  Welfare reform under Billy Clinton is another open acknowledgement that welfare was no substitute for work.  Both Parties had come to see that the culture of welfare was ruinous to the human spirit. 

(As I understand the position of Doctor Professor Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan on welfare reform, it came down to one issue:  will we guarantee the children of welfare absolute protection?  Dr. Gingrich is the only political leader to answer Dr. Moynihan’s position.  Dr. Gingrich offered the idea of creating orphanages.  (I had previously recommended we call orphanages “24 hour schools,”  as a more up to date term.) But  Billy Clinton turned a blind eye on the plight of the children of welfare.  No guarantees for the children were forthcoming.  They “rolled over Moynihan” as one administration staffer said.)

But the fact remains that before welfare reform the Republican Party held the leading position on that issue  and the culture of dependency .  The Democrats for over  three generations aligned themselves with that poisonous culture of welfare.  (The recent movie Precious showed the lives of welfare recipients.)  However, the point I am making is strategic:  as the Democrats move to the center the argument for Republicans  grows weaker.

Had the Republicans followed Dr. Gingrich’s suggestion the Republicans could have once again taken the moral high ground by offering 24 hour schools for troubled youths.  There are 19,000 children in New York City's homeless shelters.  You may feel that these  are just part of the 47% who are dependent on the government and you don’t care about them. However, the 5% to 10% you identify as being in the center and who may be amenable to our arguments are concerned about the homeless, and  about the 50 million without  health insurance coverage, and about the 23 million unemployed or under employed or just too discouraged to look for work.

If you want to persuade the middle 10%  you must concern yourself with the bottom 47% for the middle 10% of voters are looking at how you would treat “the least of them,”  before giving you their vote.  
PS  And I think the Iranian nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be overthrown.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eisenhower Did It too

Lecture Notes  9-16-12

 To:  Mr. Romney

Subject:  Israel justified  in using nuclear weapons on Iranian targets.

Israel has always said it would not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons into the Middle East.  There is no doubt that the Iranians are in the process of introducing nuclear  weapons.  Thus if Israel strikes  Iran with nuclear weapons it will be in retaliation of Iran decision to go ahead with its nuclear weapon program.  Israel  will not have been the first to introduce nuclear weapons.

It should be recalled that the Korean War was brought to an end because of General-President Eisenhower’s secret threat to resort to nuclear weapons if the Chinese did not agree to stop the war.  They did not agree to peace only to an end of hostilities. 

The threat of nuclear weapons has not deterred Iran’s rulers thus far.  This fact alone should inform our evaluation of the Iranian intentions.  Even now, before they have acquired nuclear weapons, they are willing to expose their subjects to nuclear attack.  (Fortunately most Iranian  nuclear weapons targets are buried deep in the ground along way from populated areas.)  If the Iranians are willing to brave nuclear attack now, before they have nuclear weapons, why should we believe they will not expose their subjects to attack when they do have them?  Numerous Iranian officials have said that whereas the Muslims can survive   a nuclear attack the Jewish State can not.

Some have argued that an attack would only set back the Iranian nuclear program for a few years.  First it should be noted that a few years seems a blessing to the condemned.   Wouldn’t you take a few years reprieve?  Secondly, this contention argues for more action by Israel not less.  In addition to taking out the Iranian nuclear weapons targets Israel should take out additional targets to assist the people of Iran to take back their country. 

For example, tactical nuclear weapons could be used to destroy Iran’s one and only oil refinery.  Iran’s import and export oil docks should also be destroyed.  Electro Magnetic Pulse weapons should be used on the main urban targets.  Water works and sewer systems should also be destroyed.  And every attempt should be made to decapitate the regimes leaders.  The city of Qom itself could lawfully be destroyed as it is the seat of the regimes leaders. 

Have we forgotten that in WWII and Korea and even in Vietnam we thought laying waste to cities was an acceptable and lawful means of war? 

Or is it only gentiles who are allowed to fight wars this way?  Of course, conventional weapons could be used if the US were to support our ally.
PS  And I think the Iranian nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be overthrown.     

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Community Organizers

Lecture Notes

September 13, 2012


To:  Mr. Romney

Subject:  Community Organizers

As a former community organizer, (two years with Volunteers In Service To America), I think I can explain the difference between a corporate manager and a community organizer.

Corporate managers seek resolutions of problems.  But the last thing a community organizer wants is a solution to the problems faced by his community.  The community organizer uses problems to rally his community.  If the problem is resolved then the community organizer must start all over again trying to find a way to motivate his “community” to organize around some new problem.

You could call this leading from behind. 

Mr. Obama was criticized for allowing the House and Senate to write the Medical Reform Bill by themselves.  He lead from behind because he was not focusing on solving the Health Problem.  Rather his goal was to organize around the Health Problem.  He wanted the issue not the solution.

Why did he demand another $400 billion at the last minute of negotiations of the budget with the Speaker of the House?  He didn’t want a solution to the budget he wanted the issue.  Why doesn’t he raise the quota on immigration from Mexico from the current 250,000 to a higher level?  Again he wants the issue to organize in this case the “Hispanic Community.”

He knows as well as you that the Social Security System and Medicare are doomed unless action is taken.  But whereas you layout plans to solve this problem the Community Organizer in the Oval Room is using the fear of the elderly community to organize them into a political force. 

Never the solution always the issues.

PS  And I think the Iranian nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be overthrown.     


Sunday, September 09, 2012

New Ruskin College

New Ruskin College: Lecture Notes: September 8, 2012

To: Mr. Romney
Subject: Believe what they tell you.

The most common statement from survivors of the Holocaust was: “When the dictator says he is going to kill you --- believe him!” The Iranian leaders must be believed. They will exterminate the State of Israel if they are given a chance.

Believe them. And remember a state of war exists between the United States and Iran. Iran invaded the sovereign territory of the United States: The embassy in Teheran.

PS And I think the Iranian nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be overthrown.