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Lecture Notes                          March 12, 2015

Governor Rick Scott

700 North Adams,

Tallahassee, Florida,


Dear Governor Rick Scott;


We have snow in Louisiana, so many storms we have lost count, and stupidly FOX asks, “If there is Global Warming why is there so much snow?”  There is Senator Inhofe who claims to know what God wants throwing a snow ball during an extreme weather event the jackass unaware it was predicted by the Global Warming scientists.

Counselor: Still trying to win friends and influence people ?   –Well, . .  .  .  some people are out of reach. Inhofe is a fool, beyond reason, he only deserves ridicule.Inhofe says we are being “hysterics.” Inhofe said ‘God would not allow human’s to affect the global climate.” Who is being a hysteric?   What an idiot! Republican Chairman of the Environment Committee. He is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. 

It has been predicted that dryer regions will get dryer, wetter regions will get wetter, the weather becomes more extreme as the planet warms.  So the Western states are in a multi-year drought and the east is caught in an artic blast as the jet stream bends down to the gulf.
One reason practically minded people reject Global Warming is because "there is nothing we can do about it” but  see’s Gorbachev-Bush Artificial Clouds Institute. There is something we can do about it.

And if you say ‘But I don’t believe in Global Warming’ I’ll say who cares what you believe? I want to know what a reasonable man believes?  You may have some prejudice like Rush Limbaugh has for schools, you may not understand the sciences involved in Global Warming, or care, your opinion may be based on economic calculation.

A recent report  see   report 2-10-2015  by scientists called for more study of the technology to reflect sunlight and cool the planet.  The Republicans by simply funding computer modeling of the effect of Artificial Clouds on Global Warming on NASA’s new super computers can win over the young to our Party by showing them that we take the problem seriously and are committed to doing something about it.
There are two types of Artificial Clouds, orbital and atmospheric, the former last longer the latter are cheaper to put up and we can start to conduct live test with atmospheric clouds.  (Needless to say the computer models will become much more accurate as the data from these real world tests are streamed into the models.)

Perhaps only Conservatives can save the planet as Liberals are too effete or afraid to make the intentional global climate change required.  Liberals may think that we must suffer for our carbon emissions treating it as a moral outrage not a tech problem seeGorgachev-Bush Artificial Clouds Institutes: Dr. Gregory Benford’s Paper on Artificial Clouds:

Amazingly given the size of the problem some Lefties oppose Artificial Clouds because they say they will take the pressure off carbon reduction.  On the other hand if you reject  Global Warming because the Green’s zero carbon is too expensive you are making a mistake, for there is no expense too great to pay to save the planet. The planet is priceless.  yet Artificial Clouds are a less expensive way to cool the planet and cool it quickly.

Dr. Teller called for research into Artificial Clouds and understood the day might come when we would need deploy them see Dr. Tellers Paper on Artificial CloudsThe scientists, who are mostly Lefties, and think acceptance of Global Warming because Artificial Clouds are cheaper is an evil do not understand how the political process  works.  Thou people should not think economically about Global Warming, out of force of habit of mind, they do, it is human nature.

Conservatives understand people better than Liberals. Carbon reduction is not going to be enough to save the planet; it is not going to be fast enough; the planet is going to warm 2 possibly 4 more degrees before carbon reduction starts to have effect. We need Artificial Clouds to reverse Warming in a timely manner, while of course continuing carbon reduction efforts.  (Indeed as the world community comes together to put up the Artificial Clouds Global Warming will become the normative value accepted by all.)
To be a Conservative one must maintain discrete lines of thought, evidence for Global Warming is separate from the politics of the Greens.   Greens may say there is only one way to fight Global Warming  but we can apply technology to reduce solar radiation & perhaps only we can.

By championing the technological solution to Global Warming Conservatives (Republicans) can take the issue away from the Democrats and Greens.  Simply by supporting research into reflecting sunlight the Republican brand can be associated with saving the planet from Global Warming.

Cooling the planet will not be enough, carbon dioxide turns to carbonic acid in the oceans and changes the ocean PH killing animals with calcium carbonate shells.  The ocean problem is not a small problem, e g Plankton accounts for 50% of the biosphere, yet you can see the solution lies in our direction not Inhofe’s imbecilic theology.  The fact that we cannot solve the ocean problem with the same technology we use on the Global Warming problem shouldn't cause us to do nothing.

 Bringing down the Global temperature for a few hundred years will take the heat stress off the flora and allow it to uptake carbon optimally.  So Artificial Clouds will allow carbon to be taken in and away from the oceans more effectively. 

The coast of Atmospheric Artificial Clouds is so low that a small fleet of 747s outfitted with tanks instead of passenger decks could deploy a cloud over the Northern Hemisphere at a cost that the State of Florida could finance with a small increase in its hotel room tax. 

Others should also contribute.  For example Boeing could pay for the conversion of the used 747s mothballed in the California and Arizona desert as it is a business with a special interest in Global Warming.  Indeed the Coal industry, and Exxon, and Chevron, should be leaders in calling for research in use of Artificial Clouds to cool planet, yet they are silent.

If the State of Florida were to contact these leaders of industry with a plan to research Artificial Clouds including an experimental deployment of an atmospheric Artificial Cloud I am sure they would assist you.
Very Truly Yours,Plinio DesignoriNew Ruskin College.comCastilano



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