Sunday, January 20, 2013

Visitor's Book at New Ruskin College

New Ruskin College Visitor’s Book

Well if it isn’t Tom Brokaw paying us a visit again.  “Kicking the latrine down the road.”  Latrine was so out of place that we have no reluctance in greeting you and entering your name in our visitor’s book.  (Also your astonished questioning  about the lack of public discussion of the possibility of ‘Thermo Nuclear War’ in the Middle East after my memo to Mitt Romney was noted when you first brought it up but I could not be sure.)  Not only that, but on the strength of your  latrine we will go back and admit Mary Joe Matalin, for her “Doctor Professor,”  when addressing  Dr. Robert Reich. 

My only disappointment is that neither of the two of you has yet answered the Admission Test.  What is the great constitutional problem that must  be worked on in the 21st Century?   You should  raise this problem and then you could be admitted to the College with all rights and privileges that you are entitled to. 

I received a letter from Senator Lieberman.  It was addressed to Plinio, but was sent to my  private email address that only I know about.  (Though the Mitt Romney campaign also sent email to it.  Is it published some where?  Not that I know of.)  I did send my first letter to Senator Lieberman and my last letter of course.  I checked all my letters in the Moynihan Library archive and not one of them was addressed to him.  How could I have missed him?  To be included the Senator had to do what you did;  make a reference, and of course I had to hear him or her do it. 

Well you, Mary Jo, and Senator Lieberman are all much appreciated.  

PS  And I think the Iranian nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be overthrown.


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