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New Ruskin        April 20, 2015
Lecture Notes

Xi Jinping, President of the               
Peoples Republic of China
The Forbidden City
No. 174 Xi Chang’an Jie
Beijing  100017  China

Zhang Deziang, Chairman of the
National Peoples Congress
The forbidden city
No. 174 Xi Chang’an Jie
Beijing 100017  China

Honorable Prime Minister of India
Shri Narendra Modi
7 race course road
New Delhi,  India

Barack Obama President of the
United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC  20500-0001

Plinio Designori
New Ruskin

Your Excellences;
Artificial Clouds can cool the planet back to the temperature that naturally existed prior to man’s intervention in the process known as the green house effect or Global Warming.  Artificial Clouds come in two kinds:  stratospheric and orbital.  There are three types of orbital clouds those whose effects are principally local, those regional, and those global. 

Of these three (3) types the regional Artificial Clouds are the most problematic for world order due to their potential to disrupt, for example, India’s monsoons, and should be banned by international agreement.  Local Artificial Clouds could keep Los Angeles or New Delhi under a partial shadow reducing solar gain and reducing the demand for air conditioning.  They pose no threat to regional weather patterns.
Global Artificial Clouds are so diffuse that they do not have any particular affect on weather patterns but cool the planet evenly changing the climate not the weather.  As noted above these clouds can be located in the stratosphere or in orbit.  In the stratosphere they do not last as long but are less expensive to deploy, in orbit they last longer but cost more.

We can start by placing, upon international consent and agreement, Artificial Clouds in the stratosphere and collect data on the cooling effects.  This real world data when used to inform our computer models will greatly aid the development of orbital Artificial Clouds witch will be placed in  long term  orbits of perhaps three hundred (300) years.

For technical reasons the orbital Artificial Clouds will have to be set on orbits to decay frequently during their three hundred (300) year extent for there is the possibility of a sudden large volcanic event on Earth or more likely a nuclear winter syndrome in which case it will be necessary to clear the skies.
For additional information on Artificial Clouds you can visit The Gorbachev-Bush Artificial Clouds Institute @ New Ruskin where I have archived many articles with different proposals for different types of Artificial Clouds.  Both Mr. Gorbachev and Mr. Bush lost power shortly after I contacted them about the use of Artificial clouds to control Global Warming.  Since then Global Warming has only gotten worse despite the best efforts of world leaders to control carbon out put.
Even if you thought it was possible that the nations of Earth could reduce carbon enough to reverse global Warming, and there is no reason a sane person should hold such an opinion, one should still support the use of Artificial Clouds as only they can reverse Global Warming in a timely manner.
Immediately as they are deployed Artificial Clouds begin scattering sunlight and cooling the planet.  The Flora can not uptake co2 optimally if the Flora is heat stressed cooling the planet increases the rate of co2 uptake.  Forest are devastated by pests normally killed off in colder winters, glaciers are lost, and so on all of this can instantaneously be reversed by the use of Artificial clouds.
I hope you will ask your scientists to advise you on the use of Artificial Clouds to reverse Global Warming. 
Yours Truly;

Plinio Designori    


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