Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lost a SAM at New Ruskin

Where have all the Libyan surface to air missiles gone?

Gone to terrorists everyone,  when will we ever learn?

Lecture Notes   10-21-12

To: Mr. Romney

Subject:  Obama’s failure to secure surface to air missiles in the Libyan stockpiles.

Someone should ask the President why he did not take control of the Libyan surface to air missiles.

Was it because the former academic, community organizer, machine politician, was unable to direct the U. S. M. C. into harms way to secure these weapons?    Too timid to take action?  Note that it took months to give the order to attack  OBL even though they knew the Al-Qaeda messengers were coming and going from the safe house.  (The US learned the name of the messenger from water boarding the terrorists.  (In WWII the US charged the Japanese for water boarding its personnel.  The difference is that our troops were in uniform, in accordance with international law.  When these troops moved they carried their national flag for all to see.  Their actions were proclaimed in a declaration of war and their actions were set against the uniformed enemy.  The US abided by the Geneva Conventions.  The terrorists do not wear uniforms, they target civilians, they act in secret.))

With Mr. Obama in office we will find out where the surface to air missiles are when the air planes start falling from the sky.

PS  And I think that Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must  be overthrown.


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