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New Ruskin

Lecture Notes:  June-14-14     

President Obama                                         
The White House                                          
Washington, D. C.                                       
The   U. S. Senate                                              
Washington, D. C.                                      
The U. S. House of Representatives           
Washington, DC 20515                                 
The Supreme Court                                               

1 First Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C.                                       
National Mining Association                                        
The National Coal Council                                                                      
 American Coal Council                                                                       
 World Coal Association                                                                      

Plinio Designori                                         
New Ruskin College                                                

Dear Sirs and your Excellences;
          I  would   like  to   present  a modest proposal for the control of Global Warming which will allow coal capital to be amortized over the next one hundred or two hundred years without harm to the planetary climate system.

First let me be clear that there is nothing new in these pages.  Dr. Teller gives credit to Dr. F.J. Dyson and Dr. G. Marland as having first proposed the idea that I now present here.

“It’s appropriate to note at the outset that basic concepts for purposeful modification of the Earth’s radiative properties certainly aren’t original with us; they were proposed at least as long ago as 1979 by Dyson and Marland2 in the context of CO2-driven global warming, and perhaps most prominently by the National Academy of Sciences global change study group in 1992, which pointedly noted what appeared to them to be its surprisingly great practicality,3 and the similar findings by the subsequent study by the Intergovernmental Working Group in 1995.4”  (See Dr. Teller’s second paper at the Bush-Gorbachev Artificial Clouds Institute at New Ruskin

Some, (Al Gore for example), will tell you that there is no need to study this proposal.  However, I ask you to recall that Mr. Gore has no training in any Natural Science.  His back ground is that of a rich little boy who took up politics in his father’s state and showed little veracity in his campaigning.  For example he told the hicks that their Social Security was in a “Lock Box.”  A flat out lie which didn’t bother him at all.  Do you suppose it bothers him to lie about the possibility of taking remedial action to reverse Global Warming?

In Storms of My Grandchildren, Dr. James Hansen, the father of Global Warming research at NASA,  has called for testing of the many proposals to reduce solar forcing by atmospheric carbon and methane.  The previous sentence means that the gasses (carbon and methane) are forcing or causing the sun to warm the atmosphere.  To have Dr. James Hansen call for research into the several proposals to reduce the solar forcing is major news.   Major news that I doubt any reader  knew about until just now that I reported it to you.,

Many Re-pub-li-cans have for no apparent reason questioned the existence of Global Warming despite the overwhelming evidence.  However, this proposal, the one I am presenting, reduces the cost of combating Global Warming.  To close the American coal industry alone represents the cost of trillions of dollars over the next century.  On the other hand the placement of Artificial Clouds to reflect solar radiation can be achieved for a few billion dollars not the trillions advocated by the zealots like Mr. Gore.

Perhaps the Re-pub-li-cans would be more willing to take action on Global Warming if they were shown a simpler less expensive alternative.   How many times have we pointed out to the zealots that if China and India continue to burn coal into the next hundred years it does not matter if the American coal industry continues in business or not?

If China and India continue to burn coal we should reduce not our own coal consumption but reduce the sunlight reaching our atmosphere.

Some Re-pub-li-cans say the scientists exaggerate the problem but this is because these Re-pup-li-cans have not actually read what the scientists have written.  Anyone who has read the literature knows the opposite is true.  They understate. They produce the most cautious and muted prose.  For example Dr. Hansen’s support for research into Artificial Clouds was buried at the end, not even the very end, where it might at least have stood out but just absentmindedly near the end of his book.  He buried his own lead. 

And how does Dr. Hansen work to fight Global Warming?  He protests outside coal mines and the oil sands pipe line.  This is the limit of his imagination, and of so many of his colleagues.  Brilliant no doubt but lacking in the art of rhetoric.  

Or for another example almost every paper I have read on Global Warming contains the cautionary statement: ‘even if we stop all carbon burning in the atmosphere,  not just coal fired plants but cars, ships, trucks, there is enough carbon in the atmosphere  already to continue solar forcing for the next one to two hundred years.’  The zealots seem to ignore these statements.  Not with standing that Global Warming will continue for hundreds of years, and that China and India will continue to burn coal for perhaps a hundred years they want to shut down the American Coal industry in a matter of years.  An exercise in utter uselessness.   

They are Liberals, they make policy with their hearts not their heads they are moved by “tingling sensations up their legs” not reasoning.  My proposal was that Artificial Clouds be placed in orbit above the atmosphere where they could last for long periods of time.

Twenty years ago I suggested that the nations of the world could unite and each make its own contribution.  For example I suggested that Germany could furnish the superconducting magnetic levitation launch ramp.   (A German popular science magazine put an illustration of the launch ramp on the Moon on its cover.)  France could provide the nuclear reactor and power station to provide electricity.  Great Britain and its Commonwealth could provide the material handling equipment needed to collect the Moon’s dirt and rock and crush it to a fine dust.  In space structures can be quite flimsy and so the material can be loaded into large bags for launch in to Lunar orbit where Japanese freighters could rendezvous collect them and take them down to Earth orbit.  Even small countries could participate, for example, Switzerland could furnish the nozzles to carefully release the dust over thousands of miles in an orbit designed to collapse in a specified amount of time.  (A number of Hollywood films have been made showing the Moon broken into pieces due to man’s meddling.)  Despite what the fiction writers might claim we would need only a small quantity of Moon dust.   Dr. Teller estimated we would need to reflect .5% of sunlight.  Others more recently have estimated the figure as high as 7%.  The fact remains that we would have to reflect only a fraction of the light from the Sun.

In Super Freakconomics  the authors suggest a simpler method involving running an ordinary garden hose into the Stratosphere.  But the Germans did not put a picture of a garden hose on the cover of their magazine. 

My plan is more interesting though perhaps less practical. However, the point is there is now time, two hundred years worth of time to fight Global Warming, to work out the best method to reflect the Sun’s rays.  We do not have to be hustled by the zealots.  Take a hundred years, take two hundred years to close down the coal industry.

Of course the truth is technology is moving so fast we can scarcely know what technology will be like in fifty years let alone one or two hundred years.

(PS  And I think Iran’s nuclear program should be destroyed and the regime must be over thrown.)
(PS  Remember, when the dictator says he is going to kill you believe him.)


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