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New Ruskin                             November 15,  2014

Lecture Notes:

Warren Buffet
Berkshire Hathaway
Kiewit Plaza
3555 Farnam St #222
Omaha, Nebraska

Plinio Designori
New Ruskin College

Dear Mr. Warren Buffet;

With this letter I enclose my letter of June 14, 2014 and a copy of Vice President Biden’s kind reply on his behalf and on behalf of the President.

I do not enclose any acknowledgement from the representatives of  the coal industry as none showed the common courtesy of acknowledging receipt of my letter of June 14, 2014.

I am writing you because of your railroad holdings you are involved in the coal industry your main customers.  The efforts to control global warming causes many to want to eliminate coal and “leave it in the ground.”

However, India and China and Indonesia are not likely to “leave it in the ground” and so the USA’s banning of coal will only cost us trillions of dollars and make no appreciable difference to the Earth’s atmosphere or global warming.

 Yet the scientists inform us that unless we stop adding carbon to the atmosphere, (immediately!), global warming will continue apace for hundreds of years, EVEN IF WE STOP ADDING CARBON TO DAY.

In Storms of My Grandchildren, Dr. James Hansen, of Columbia University, and godfather of NASA’s global warming research, has warned of increased severity and occurrence of storms in the future due to global warming.

Knowing of your interests in the Insurance Industry this is the second reason for writing you as I am sure you are aware of the underwriter’s demand for increased premiums to cover the increasing risks, both at your companies and with the reinsurers in Munich, Zurich, and London.

In Storms of My Grandchildren, Dr. Hansen  calls for research into technical means for reducing sunlight reaching the atmosphere and over heating the planet.  The National Academy of Sciences study group in 1992 found these technical means practical as did the Intergovernmental Working Group in 1995.

 Dr. Gregory Benford, professor of physics at the University of California at Irvine and the author of Timescape, has proposed a simple solution that would allow coal to continue to be used for its natural technical life while protecting the planet for over heating for several hundred years into the future.  (See Dr. Gregory Benford’s paper which can be read at’s  Gorbachev Bush Artificial Cloud Institute.) 

In conclusion, your customers, the coal companies are not being well represented by the above noted coal organizations.  Not only do they not show the common courtesy to acknowledging my letter, something that the President of the United States of America was able to acknowledge, but they have failed to advise their clients that they can be protected from zealots in the environmental movement by using technology to keep the Earth’s atmosphere from over heating.

Your insurance interests can similarly be protected, the severity and occurrence of losses can be reduced, by the same technology.

I hope you will use your influence to encourage industry to investigate the new technology of atmosphere protection, particularly the coal industry and the insurance industry.  
President Obama
The White House
Washington, D. C.
Vice President Biden
The White House
Washington, D. C.
The U. S. Senate
The U. S. House of Representatives
Environment Committee
Science and Technology
The Supreme Court
National Mining Association
World Coal Association
The National Coal Council
American Coal Council


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