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New Ruskin                             November 15,  2014
Lecture Notes:

The Supreme Court
1 First Street, N. E.
Washington, D. C.

Plinio Designori
New Ruskin College

Dear Members of the Supreme Court of the United States;

I suppose you are wondering why you are sent this letter.  Well you better get used to it. If you are going to involve yourselves in politics then you will become the targets for every pamphleteer and polemicist out there.         

For example the Affordable health Care Bill.  It refers to State exchanges and to State exchanges set up and run by the Federal Government.  It was unartfully  drafted.  But from the entire context of the Bill, (the entire structure would collapse if the subsidies did not apply to the exchanges set up by the Federal Government for the States), it can be seen that there was a drafting error nothing more.

In Government By Judiciary Raul Burger uses just this point in describing a Judiciary out of control.  “Oh, yes we can see what you were getting at but you haven’t quite got it right, you haven’t quite said it here.”  He says this treatment of a coequal branch of government is usurpation of power, plain and simple.

So it isn’t enough that you come to the conclusion that the drafting error about state and federal exchanges will not prevent the Law from standing the decision itself must be unanimous to show that this court will not use trivialities to further some political purpose.


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