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Lecture Notes: 06-22-05

Dying among the lost and blind.

The new Clinton controversy shows that our political discourse can always fall lower.

The “rape my wife” story has been published before. Previously it has been reported as an example of how calculating and cunning and shameless the Clintons are.

Prior reporting of the “rape my wife” story was to the effect that the Clintons, in order to establish the paternity of Chelsea, (Billy “shoots blanks”), contrived to go on a vacation with “friends” and went out of there way, in a manner again retold in this latest book, to involve their “friends”, or at least to make their “friends” aware of, their (the Clinton’s) sex life, so that foresaid “friends” would later be able to testify that procreation had begun nine months earlier when on their vacation.

What makes this story believable is that it is about the Clintons, and the final piece is the story’s novelistic ending with Billy calling his “friend”, months later, and saying, “I’m just sitting here reading the newspaper, and guess what . . .etc. . . . I learn that my wife is pregnant . . . etc.”

Yet, the College Visitor had probably thought that the “new low” in political discourse was the author Edward Klein,(The Truth About Hillary) and the Visitor is mistaken, has been misdirected by the media.

This low was reached years ago. The story is 25 years old, (Chelsea is 25! Why I remember when . . .), and as I say it has been told and published before.

No, not Mr. Klein.

Ask yourself why has his retelling of this old story been made the center of the controversy?

In all the pretended dismay has anyone commented that this story has been published before?

For that matter, why does this “rape” of Hillary figure larger in the press than the earlier revelation of the rape of Juanita Broadwick? Indeed isn’t that the explanation? Because they would not report the Broadwick story their conscience constrains them to sham outrage about this old story. (And this is why they can not admit it was published before. (And I live in their midst, watch them lurch about wildly, knocking about, grinning madly, the lost and blind. What poor wretches.))

This is the new low: The uniform, (both Left and Right), focus on this old “rape” story, which distorts the focus of the public’s attention, and misdirects the public, away from the real issues which should be examined.

This is a new low only in the sense that as we daily plunge ever lower we incrementally mark new lows not that this one is so much worse than what has preceded it.

For example the largest Clinton scandal that has gone unreported and about which you are here now reading for the first time occurred in April 1993.

Many have wondered what Clinton and his Attorney General, Janet Reno, discussed in their phone conversation just before the final raid on the Waco compound on 19 April, 1993.

Ms. Reno has herself said that Clinton did not order her to move on David Koresh, hold up inside with his so called Branch Dividians and their automatic weapons. She says that the President said, “It is your decision.”

Recall though that Reno had allowed the “standoff” to go on for some 50 days, (February 28 to April 19, 1993), yet it was the day after their conference call that she made the “decision” to launch the attack.

The Visitor is not asked to have sympathy for David Koresh only to note the timing of the call to the attack. (As a purely technical matter I would not have recommended a frontal assault. Several thousand yards of anchor chain should have been brought in and attached to tractors and then dragged through the wood framed structures slowly demolishing the buildings. As the roof and walls were slowly opened up the hostages inside could have escaped, or at least had the possibility to escape. In any case a slow motion attack might have avoided panic and the order to torch the place.)

So what has not been reported?

This takes us back even further when Jimmy Carter was in the White House in the Spring of 1980. Castro added his prisons to the flood of 125,000 fleeing in the ‘Mariel boat lift’. The Cubans arrived in the US and Mr. Carter, desperate, phoned the Governors and made a patriotic appeal for their help in housing them.

Most Governors refused their President; however, one Governor, an inexperienced first termer in the State of Arkansas, (Ragnat Populus, The People Reign (irony on irony, isn’t it just too much? )) eagerly agreed in answer to his nation’s call.

Several months later, the Cubans, who were incarcerated in an abandoned Army base in Arkansas rioted, and walked out of the lightly guarded camp, their M. P.’s walking along with the parade trying to persuade them to return to the base.

Word quickly spread and, (this being Arkansas), men folk pulled their pickups in a line across the road blocking the Cuban parade, and taking their shotguns from the gun racks, (this being Arkansas), and loaded them.

The Cubans, seeing the militia mustering down the road, decided to take the advise of their M. P. advisers and returned to their smoldering base.

The incident ended peacefully. But the story got around, (this being Arkansas), that their young, long haired, (it was down on his ears!), inexperienced, draft dodging governor, had debated and discussed and made repeated phone calls to the feds, to his new best friend President Carter, and then discussed the whole thing further, but had in fact not called out the State Militia, as he had ought to have done when he got the very first phone call that those Cubans were rioting and carrying on, as any damn fool would have done without a Georgetown or Yale or what the damn all, and why don’t they go back to Florida where they belong!

And Governor Clinton was turned out of office in the very next election.

And all of this has been published before in the very same biographies that have the “rape” story mentioned earlier.

Counselor: So what is the new news?

Lets make this a class project. How many prison riots took place in jail and prisons, federal and state, between the February 28, 1993 and April 19, 1993 dates?

Do you think Billy knows how many riots were going on during that time?

Do you not think that every day the young inexperienced President read the reports with growing alarm?

Is it happening again! Can it be! How in the hell . . . ! God can’t I get a break? Again in my first term? God . . . ! Texas, Tennessee . . . Ohio!

What was going on in Billy’s mind as he held the phone to his ear and discussed the standoff with the Attorney General?

So what are the “real” issues on which you should be focusing? Two years later, (exactly, to the day), a truck bomb attack on the Murrah Federal Building left 168 dead and 800 wounded.

This is the inevitable consequence of a break down in our political discourse. Need further proof? Just look at Iraq. Every day a bomb. Not dialogue. Not reason. Not persuasion.

In the same stories denouncing Mr. Klein, and his The Truth About Hillary, I have read the gratuitous defamations of our Swift Boat Veterans. Just now Franken has again defamed them. And as noted so often before, these defamations are made without any explanation, no attempt to summarize the logical steps or facts that have lead to the conclusion.

As regular College Visitors know I have recently been depressed at the empty desert in which we live. I have despaired for America. Then I think of all those who are daily defamed in this manner, without so much as an explanation. Why have I been targeted for 15 years? Why are the Vets defamed? Why did they go after Gardner the same way they have oppressed me? Why do we hear ‘no connection, no connection’ repeated with such numbing idiocy?

Franken shouted, “Bush is a moron” the other day for suggesting that the 9-11 attack had forced war on America. Mind you, not saying as appears true, that the Iraqi’s assisted al Qaeda, starting with their agent Ramsey Yosef, who along with Yasin traveled from, and returned to Iraq after the first WTC attack, returning on a Kuwaiti passport which had Yosef’s photo and fingerprints in the Kuwaiti archives, under his assumed name. (A legend. (And later then traveled to the Philippines and recruited a cell of terrorists to bomb planes and to fly them into landmarks. One of these terrorists was captured with a cell phone which was used to make phone calls to Okalahoma City. (Small world.))

No, Mr. Bush was merely saying that in a post 9-11 world he felt forced to engage the world of terrorism and its principal sponsors: Saddam Hussein.

You can argue against both positions, that Iraq was involved and the President’s position that regardless of the particulars of that one attack, Iraq was an incorrigible state sponsor of terrorism.

Go ahead and argue. Logic? Reason? Persuasion? Franken, who originally supported the war, (to get us in), and then once in later turned against the war, himself said of Hussein, “He is the worst of the worst, he is as bad as they come.”

So at most we have removed the worst of the worst. The Iraqis have gotten a big break. At worst, by Franken’s logic.

But moron?

But as noted before Franken is acting in bad faith. It is bad faith which is at the heart of fascism. He has already said he plans to run for Senate. He is in the mass media. Therefore, you have all the elements: The mass manipulation of symbols for state control, and for no other purpose, i.e. in bad faith.

Therefore Al Franken is a fascist.

This bad faith, this willingness to defame our veterans, including a retired Admiral, who spoke up to tell what they knew from first hand experience, (statements supported by Kerry’s own contemporaneous notes), can lead to only one terminus.

If you break this compact of reason there is no other means for our reconciliation. There can be no other result than bloody violence.

McVeigh broke faith with us.

But what did Rear Admiral Schachte do? Why is he also defamed?

I can not count the number of times I have heard the empty phrase “the discredited Swift Boat Vets” on Air America. And the vapid, “no connection, no connection.” Or “moron!” Or “shut up!”

Not very persuasive. But worse . . . what are you doing? Are you deliberately trying to destroy the nation?

The day after Thomas L. Friedman wrote an article saying that Liberals did not want to talk about Iraq, Franken began his program ranting in the opening about “violence spinning out of control with a bombing in Kirkuk.” (That morning there had just been a bombing which killed 22 people.) Franken sounded almost gleeful: his ‘out of control.’ Why gleeful? Well, don’t you know? You see? It is Bush’s fault. Every time there is a bombing it is Bush’s fault. (Never Franken’s fault. Never the Democrat’s fault. (For example the party line vote in 1990 to authorize the use of force, about which Senator Biden has said he was wrong not to vote in favor of the resolution.) Had we had unanimous support we might have removed Hussein 14 years ago.) But know it is all Bush’s fault.

But now let me ask you to consider just one last thing. What if McVeigh had not gotten help in building a truck bomb from his contacts in the Philippines? What if he had gotten help with a bioweapon?

What should you be focused on? First, reason, how else shall you do anything else?

Published on April 14, 1993. Article 1 of 4 found.SOURCE: SONJA BARISICASSOCIATED PRESSThe inmate death toll rose to seven Tuesday at a maximum-security prison where eight guards were held hostage and rebellious convicts rigged a loudspeaker to complain about negotiations.
Negotiators also were not encouraged by the progress of talks with the barricaded prisoners, who have been denied food, heat, electricity and water since the riot.
A guard on patrol at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility found the seventh body in a cell of the K cellblock.
The unit is linked by a... 489 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Published on April 12, 1993. Article 2 of 4 found.SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESSInmates rioted Sunday at a maximum security prison in south-central Ohio, injuring at least seven guards and taking others hostage, authorities said.
It wasn't immediately known how many guards were being held or how many prisoners were involved in the disturbance at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, said Sharron Kornegay of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.
Scioto County sheriff's senior dispatcher Phil Malone described the disturbance as a... 241 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Published on April 12, 1993. Article 3 of 4 found.SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESSA fight among inmates escalated into a riot Sunday at a maximum security prison, with inmates killing at least five fellow prisoners and holding at least eight guards hostage, authorities said.
At least fifteen people were injured at the south-central Ohio prison, including 10 guards and five inmates, authorities said.
Sharron Kornegay, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, said the prisoners had apparently been beaten to death.
"They suffered... 513 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Published on April 12, 1993. Article 4 of 4 found.SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESSA fight among inmates escalated into a riot Sunday at a maximum security prison in south-central Ohio, with prisoners taking at least nine guards hostage, authorities said. At least 13 people were injured, including nine guards and four inmates, they said.
One guard, who was being held hostage, was rescued when prison officials and the Ohio State Highway Patrol took back the recreation yard around 10 p.m., about seven hours after the outbreak.
"The inmates in the yard did not want... 517 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Published on April 21, 1993. Article 8 of 200 found.SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESSA lawyer advising inmates barricaded inside a maximum-security prison with five guards as hostages said Tuesday that a negotiator for the prisoners believes the standoff could end by today.
Niki Schwartz, a lawyer from Cleveland, was brought in by prison authorities Sunday to advise inmates trying to negotiate an end to the nine- day standoff at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility.
One guard and at least seven inmates have died since the standoff began April 11. Two guards held... 312 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Published on April 22, 1993. Article 4 of 200 found.SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESSAn 11-day siege in a maximum-security prison ended late Wednesday after 450 inmates surrendered and released the last five guards they had held hostage.
Radio station WTVN in Columbus, citing unidentified sources, said an eighth body was found early today in the cellblock where the inmates had been barricaded.
But Jim Mayers of the state Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said, "We have no confirmation of any body."
At least seven inmates and one hostage had died in ... 276 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Published on April 22, 1993. Article 3 of 200 found.SOURCE: ASSOCIATED PRESSScores of inmates were holed up in a state prison recreation area Wednesday night after they attacked other prisoners and guards, an official said. Fifteen inmates and three guards were injured.
The disturbance broke out shortly after 7 p.m. when inmates returning to their cells from the cafeteria staged a planned attack against a street gang known as "20-love," said Mary Dunn, a spokeswoman for the high-security Garner Correctional Institution.
Dunn said no hostages were being ... 146 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)

Published on April 22, 1993. Article 10 of 200 found.SOURCE: REUTERA surviving member of the Branch Davidian cult says the government's assault on the compound near Waco, Texas, blocked escape routes for the 86 other cult members officials believe died in Monday's blaze.
The FBI used tank-like battering rams to knock holes in the buildings in the compound so they could pump tear gas into the living quarters and force cult members to surrender.
But cult member Jaime Castillo told his attorney, Jeff Kearney, that when the tanks rammed the... 149 words, Rocky Mountain News (CO)


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